Born and raised in Ghent (Belgium). Being a passionate singer, she followed solfeggio and singing lessons at the Music Academies of

  • Ghent (Poel) ;
  • Gentbrugge: with Erika Pauwels, Martine Reyners, Anne-Marie Roegiest and MargarethaClaeys; graduated here as a classical mezzo Magna cum laude in 2002;
  • Ledeberg: jazz with Ilse Duyck and musical with Vanessa De Fauw.

To gain stage experience she participated in performances of choirs and ensembles, f.i. Of Jacqueline Van Quaille and vzw Lyrica. Currently she appears also as soloist on several occasions.
Over the years she attended masterclasses of Erika Pauwels, Hilda De Groote, Martine Reyners, Raymond Modesti and Gidon Saks. After her first cd in 2011 with songs of Francis Poulenc, she now recorded mainly soprano arias of famous operas, as the result of her transition to soprano sfogato range.